The McKeown family purchased their first team of Clydesdale geldings in 2004, and soon after, purchased broodmares and got involved in every aspect of the industry: hitching, showing, and breeding Clydesdales from their home farms near Fergus, Ontario.

Trevor McKeown is not only the hitch driver, but is the blacksmith for the hitch and also drives the transport truck that hauls the horses and equipment. The family built their show wagon and also produce their own hay and grain to feed the horses. The horses are stabled across three farms within the family, with mares, foals and hitch horses at one farm, yearlings at another,and two-year-olds and older horses that are broke to drive at the third farm.

The McKeown breeding program produces 10-15 foals every year, with their horses finding homes in some of the top hitches, including the famous Budweiser 8-Horse Hitch. The McKeowns’ have sold several horses to Budweiser, with three horses currently actively used in the hitches – and one horse now a celebrity after being in the latest Budweiser commercial for their Jim Beam Copper Lager. In 2017, the McKewon’s produced the sale-topping mare at the National Clydesdale Show in St. Louis, Missouri, the five-year-old-mare sold to Paul Snyder of Douglas, Wyoming for $45,000 USD.

The McKeown’s exhibit their hitch at several shows across Ontario and the United States, and always have quality stock available.